The Justin Timberlake Wedding Crash

January 22, 2018  •  1 Comment

Melissa + Kevin  |  Olliff Wedding


Venue: Memory Lane Event Center

Flowers: Wild Bunches

Cake: Baked by Becca

HAMU Artist: Holly Taylor

DJ: Spark the Night Entertainment

Caterer: PEJ Catering

Wedding Dress Designer: Mori Lee



The Justin Timberlake Wedding Crash



I pulled up to Memory Lane Event Center and began unloading my equipment from my vehicle when out of the corner of my eye, I see JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.  Melissa's sister was holding a life size cardboard cut out of J.T.  This was the moment I realized that this wedding was going to be epic.  The plan was to secretly place J.T. at the ceremony site where Melissa could see him but not completely noticeable.  She had no clue that this little scheme was being plotted.  


Melissa's father escorted her down the aisle to Kevin, the man of her dreams.  She took her place under the pergola and took a peek out into the sea of loved ones who came to watch them become husband and wife.  And that's when she saw him....the other man of her dreams.  Justin was so casually leaning against a tree in the crowd.  Melissa tried her hardest to contain her laughter, but failed and completely bursted out loud.  She couldn't believe that J.T. made an appearance at her wedding!  He even offered to take some photos with the happy couple during their portrait session.  That's not where it ended, however.  J.T. joined in for the rest of the wedding day festivities.  He was the most popular man on the dance floor, as one could expect.  And he photobombed quite a few special moments.  Not every couple gets to say that they had Justin Timberlake crash their wedding, but Melissa and Kevin have proof!  Such a blast!



Cissy Andrews(non-registered)
Epic is the right word. Beautiful couple, awesome photos. JT impressive, only the live version could be better.
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