Krysta Kay's Bridals

August 29, 2016  •  1 Comment

Krysta decided that there was no place more fitting to do her bridals than in Port Aransas on the beach.  Her bachelorette party was planned for mid-August and we seized the opportunity.  Little did we know that we would be up celebrating a little too late the night before her bridals.  We turned and looked at the clock and somewhere between the conversation, laughs and games we lost track of time and it was THREE in the morning!  At that point, Krysta decided is was time to commit and pull and all-nighter.  I knew if I wanted to see straight for the bridals that I needed to get some shut eye for a couple of hours before waking up.  First of all, if I stayed up all night, I would have bags under my eyes and red eyes for days.  She looked perfect...just as if she had a full night's rest.  Krysta's bridals turned out more beautiful than I ever imagined.    And can we talk about this DRESS?  Perfection.


Here is a peek at her bridal session.


Dress: Eddy K

Makeup: Krysta Cain

Hair: Denise Farias



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