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Enchanted Rock National Park




Not every couple is willing to hike in 98 degree weather up Texas' iconic Enchanted Rock for an Engagement Session, but Jaime and Kassie were ready and willing!  When I arrived, they pulled a wagon out of their car and started loading it up with their changes of clothing, ice chest, shoes, etc.  So I threw the majority of my gear in there with hesitation of how we were going to get this wagon up what I am going to refer to as, "the mountain".  Quickly into our hike, we were starting to question our decision to bring the wagon, but also knew that it was pretty much our only option.  Kassie's sisters jumped in to help Jaime carry the wagon up, step by step. 


Since we started our journey pretty early, we stopped about half way up and headed around towards the intersection of the big rock and the little rock.  There were some shady areas and a massive divide where the two rocks joined together.  I knew it would be the be a great base camp and place to start our session.  If you have not been to Enchanted Rock, it's really a place you need to go and spend the day, if not the weekend.  There is so much beauty around every corner.


I have to say, Jaime was so crazy patient and tolerant.  I feel like most guys would have checked out and would have been done with the session after carrying the wagon up.  Anything I suggested, Kassie and Jaime took the risk with no complaints or even any crazy looks (I expect my clients to look at me like I'm crazy at least one time each session, haha).  At one point, as they were hiking down from around the large divide, I was staring at the huge crack in the ground and noticed that there was a tree growing in the middle.  It was so beautiful and inspiring to me and I knew in that moment that I wanted to use that spot somehow.  As I was creating the vision in my head, a giant ferret-looking animal popped his head out from the crevice.  I told K&J about the animal and then followed up by asking them if they wanted to jump down in there for some photos.  They both laughed at me and then quickly realized that I was being totally serious.  So with only a slight hesitation, they both said, "Let's do it!"  I jumped down in there and announced my presence to our little friend and crossed my fingers that there were no other critter friends waiting for me.  


At one point, I looked up and realized the sun was setting, and it was setting fast.  We had originally planned to be up top for the final sunset photos.  Kassie, Jaime and myself RAN up to the top, which was quite the trek (and I also realize how out of shape I am at the moment).  Kassie's two sisters packed up our camp and started carrying the wagon to meet us (they were such troopers and the best MOH's).  Before we knew it, the sun was set and we were now on top of Enchanted Rock in the pitch dark.  Even at dusk, you can make out the trees and rocks and general direction of where the trail is...but we were in the dark.  We navigated our way, 10 feet at a time until we found the trail markers for our way down (THANK GOD for reflective markers!!!).  Let's just say that carrying the wagon down the mountain, step by step, in the pitch dark was just as challenging as carrying it up.  And I will definitely say that there were multiple times I had flashes in my head of having to camp out on top of Enchanted Rock.  I was already channeling my inner Les Stroud/Survivorman and was realizing that my years of binge watching survival shows might actually become reality.  


As we were making our final descend and searched for the last stretch of trail leading to the car, Kassie's sister noticed flashing lights in which she thought it was a tow truck.  Kassie exclaimed that she heard a car alarm and thought that must be what it was.  We approached the road and I flashed my flash light behind me to guide Jaime who was pulling the wagon, and then again in front of me to light the parking lot in which we were parked.  Kassie jumped and said, "Oh my gosh!" and then a quiet mumble of, "Something was moving!"  I said, "What was it like an animal?"  She quietly said, "No....someone......Look, they are right there!"  She had seen someone running off.  I flashed the light over and we noticed a man and woman moving to sit on the tailgate of a truck that was parked right next to our cars.  The guy laid back on his back and the lady just sat there.  At this point, it was 10pm and the park was supposed to be closed with no other vehicles in the parking lot besides mind, K&J's and now this truck.  We started grabbing our stuff out of the wagon when Kassie's sister said, "Shannon, your car door is open!"  My heart sank as I turned and realized that my driver side door was open.  I feel fairly confident that I did not leave my door open on accident.  All of the doors were locked, including the back, in which I had gotten my gear out of right before we left.  And the pieces of the puzzle started coming together....the car alarm we heard going off was MY car.  We had walked up as they were breaking into it.    We did a quick inspection to make sure my belongings were still inside my car.  Instead of taking the time to put my gear up safely, I threw it in my car and we pulled away quickly.  God had my back on this one and not only got us down from the mountain, but in perfect timing...AND kept us safe.  Such a crazy night!!!


Sessions like these, and bonding memories made with my clients, will always be the driving reason on why I love what I do.  K&J never doubted me and trusted me every second of the way.  I can't wait for their November 2019 wedding!



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The White Sands Styled Shoot The White Sands Styled Wedding Shoot



Lacee Fortune  |  Model

Dominic Franco  |  Model

Celebrations Bridal & Prom  |  Dress Boutique

Reiley + Rose  |  Florist

Hayley Paige  |  Wedding Gown Designer

Lacee Fortune  |  Hair & Makeup




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Kambrie + Lane | Grimm Wedding  

Kambrie + Lane  |  Grimm Wedding


Venue  |  The Allen Farmhaus

Photographer  |  Shannon Cain Photography

Coordinator  |  Blessed Events

Florist  |  Blessed Events

Hair & Makeup  |  Southern Beauty

Dress  |  Allure

Dress Boutique  |  Celebrations Bridal & Prom

Catering  |  The Next Door Catering

DJ  |  Gordan Land

Bartending Services  |  Margarita Madness

Cake  |  Kammy Besson


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Kambrie Henk | Bridal Session Kambrie Henk  |  Bridal Session


Venue  |  Polley Mansion

Dress  |  Allure 

Bridal Salon  |  Celebrations Bridal

HAMU  |  Southern Beauty

Florist  |  Blessed Events


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Alyssa + Josh | Rolfe Wedding Alyssa + Josh  |  Rolfe Wedding



Venue  |  The Milestone- New Braunfels

Coordinator  |  Erin Caruso

Caterer  |  Ruth Stone Catering

Florist  |  Blumen Meisters

Dress  |  Eddy K

Cake  |  Sweet Bites

Appetizers  |  Gourmage

Hair & Make Up  |  Prim & Powder

DJ  |  Platinum Entertainment

Bartending  |  Barmasters

Wooden Calligraphy Signs  |  Haley Wynn Designs

Table Seating Chart  |  Boarding School Collectives

Invitations  |  The Polka Dot Paper Shop

Event Rentals  |  Great Event Rentals

Linens  |  Luxe Event Decor



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The Justin Timberlake Wedding Crash Melissa + Kevin  |  Olliff Wedding


Venue: Memory Lane Event Center

Flowers: Wild Bunches

Cake: Baked by Becca

HAMU Artist: Holly Taylor

DJ: Spark the Night Entertainment

Caterer: PEJ Catering

Wedding Dress Designer: Mori Lee



The Justin Timberlake Wedding Crash



I pulled up to Memory Lane Event Center and began unloading my equipment from my vehicle when out of the corner of my eye, I see JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.  Melissa's sister was holding a life size cardboard cut out of J.T.  This was the moment I realized that this wedding was going to be epic.  The plan was to secretly place J.T. at the ceremony site where Melissa could see him but not completely noticeable.  She had no clue that this little scheme was being plotted.  


Melissa's father escorted her down the aisle to Kevin, the man of her dreams.  She took her place under the pergola and took a peek out into the sea of loved ones who came to watch them become husband and wife.  And that's when she saw him....the other man of her dreams.  Justin was so casually leaning against a tree in the crowd.  Melissa tried her hardest to contain her laughter, but failed and completely bursted out loud.  She couldn't believe that J.T. made an appearance at her wedding!  He even offered to take some photos with the happy couple during their portrait session.  That's not where it ended, however.  J.T. joined in for the rest of the wedding day festivities.  He was the most popular man on the dance floor, as one could expect.  And he photobombed quite a few special moments.  Not every couple gets to say that they had Justin Timberlake crash their wedding, but Melissa and Kevin have proof!  Such a blast!


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Hannah Wuest Bridals Hannah Wuest Bridals


Venue: Sekrit Theater

Wedding Gown: Pronovias

Dress Boutique: Celebrations Bridal


]]> (Shannon Cain Photography) austin braunfels bridal bridals celebrations new photographer wedding Sat, 28 Oct 2017 15:17:12 GMT
Jodie + Randy | Benhardt Wedding Jodie + Randy  |  Benhardt Wedding


Venue: New Braunfels Conservation Society

Photography: Shannon Cain Photography

Wedding Gown: Essense of Austraila

Bridal Salon: Bella Brides

Florist: Alamo Plants Petals

Caterer: Inspired Dreams Decor & Rentals

DJ: Power Sounds DJ

Event Coordinator & Rentals: Inspired Dreams Decor & Rentals

Hair and Make Up Artist: Felger & Friends



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Jodie's Bridals

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Palm Springs Mountain Session Krista Simmons

Sunrise Mountain Session

Palm Springs, CA

Dress: Sherri Hill

Boutique: Celebrations Bridal and Prom


]]> (Shannon Cain Photography) Wed, 09 Aug 2017 19:55:39 GMT
Lauren + Heath | Bentley Wedding  



Lauren + Heath  |  Bentley Wedding

Zedler Mill 

June 24, 2017



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Brittany + Kelly | Waterman Wedding Brittany + Kelly  |  Waterman Wedding

Leakey, TX


Venue: Riding River Ranch

Flowers: Blume Haus

Hair: Carrie Mennella

Make Up: Jessica Kelli

Wedding Coordinator: Tricia- Riding River Ranch

Caterer: Riding River Ranch

Bartender: Riding River Ranch

Cake: Riding River Ranch




]]> (Shannon Cain Photography) Destination Wedding Photographer Leakey Wedding Photographer Leakey, TX Fri, 12 May 2017 19:47:39 GMT
Villa at Gruene Styled Shoot The Villa at Gruene Styled Shoot


Venue: Villa at Gruene

Wedding Coordinators: Hill Country Wedding Belles

Wedding Stationary: Ana Schubert Designs

Bride Model: Chelsea Thomas

Groom Model: Chase Baker

Furniture Rentals: Cru Vintage Rentals

Desserts: Naeglin's Bakery

Wedding Gown: Celebrations Bridal & Prom

Wedding Gown Designer: Stella York

Hair: Dani Cameron Updo Artist

Make Up: Glam on Demand- Amanda Jergins

Jewelry: Ernesto's Jewelry

Florist: The Floral Artisan

Olive Oil Guest Favors: The Gruene Olive

Linens: Comal Rentals



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Ashlyn's 30th Sundae Smash Ashlyn is packing her bags and saying goodbye to her 20's in style!  Ashlyn knew she wanted to do something fun and take a traditional idea of a cake smash and put her own spin on it.  The idea of the Sundae Smash was born, and it may be the best smash I've seen yet!  Happy 30th Birthday, Ashlyn!  Bring on the good times!


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Lauren + Stephen | Tines Wedding Lauren + Stephen  |  Tines Wedding


Venue: Zaza Gardens

Wedding Gown: Jasmine Bridal

Make Up: Rachel Valdez

Rentals: Great Events

Caterer: Wild Wisk

Musician: Ross Philips

Florist: Enthrall Designs




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Rachel + Shane | Hamilton Wedding Rachel + Shane | Hamilton Wedding


Dress: David's Bridal

Tux: Men's Wearhouse

Venue: The Springs New Braunfels

Caterer: Jimmy Lyn's Wedding & Event Catering

DJ: Northern Lights DJ

Wedding Day Coordinator: Mandie's Marque

Cake: Serendipity Cakes

Flowers: Evember






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SCP Family My Shannon Cain Photography Family, 


Wow.  There are so many words that come to mind when I think of this past year and where it has lead me...blessed, opportunity, growth...the list goes on.  It has been a beautiful ride and a year full of so many surprises and blessings.  Some of you may not know my photography journey and how I have gotten to where I am today.  This has by far been my biggest year, and I am in tears thinking of how grateful I am for each of you who helped me get here.

I have always dreamed of taking my photography career full time, as it has been my passion.  I was working for a large corporate company, getting to work from home and in my commute, no make up, who wouldn't be happy?!  I had a sitter come to the house so I didn't have to miss any moments with my girls.  I was content, but at the end of the day, something was lacking and I just never felt fully satisfied...I was missing that passion of doing something that I was destined to do.  In November 2015, I had my second baby girl and was on maternity leave through the end of the year and into January 2016.  I was dreading going back to work after having 8 weeks off with my little loves.  It was my first day back from maternity leave, and we had a big conference call when I got the news that our entire department was being depleted and I, along with my co-workers, would be left without a job.  You see, while I was worrying and crying...trying to figure out how I would financially support my family...God already knew.  He already had a plan.  He had already been showing me the signs, but I just wasn't listening.  This was exactly the push I needed to make that leap of faith.  


Prior to me losing my job, I was able to combine Christmas money as well as money I had saved from my photography business to purchase my new camera.  I had been wanting this camera for a while and knew it was the next piece of equipment I needed to invest in.  Christmas day came, and I was able to purchase my camera!  I was expecting it in the mail a couple of days later...but with much disappointment, it never came.  I was on the phone with UPS tracking my camera and discussing delivery failures, etc.  How could they mess up on this?  Don't they know I've been waiting?!  Don't they know this important?!  You guessed right...this was all apart of the bigger plan.  Not even an hour after I lost my job, my camera was delivered...almost a week late.  I knew, in that moment, that THIS was what I was supposed to do.  I was afraid that I would fail my family and uncertain of the future, but I knew that I had to trust.  This was God's final sign telling me to trust Him.  Oh my goodness, was he right!  This year, my business has grown exponentially, and my photography has as well.  I often think about how my life would be had I not listened and had taken a job I hated.  How unhappy I would have been, and how I would miss precious moments with my girls.  How I would never know my full potential.  How those little triumphs are so much sweeter when you have everything riding on your successes.  


I have never been happier than I am now, doing something that I am truly passionate about.  Every day is a challenge and I'm still learning to balance it owner, mother, wife...but I would do it a million times over. 


This year was dedicated to YOU, my SCP Family.  The people who invested in ME to take care of your memories.  You could have chosen anyone else, but you chose me.  I'm so thankful that you have become apart of my family, and I can't wait to share future memories with you as well.  


May this coming year be full of many blessings, and may you too pursue your dreams!  Happy New Year!  Bring on 2017!


Love always, 


Shannon Cain Photography



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Kelsey + Nick | Cossaboom Wedding Kelsey + Nick | Cossaboom Wedding


Venue: Kendall Plantation

Hair & Make Up: Rachel Greene

Florist: Jaimie Parra

Dress Designer: Da Vinci

Caterer: Anne Marie's

DJ: Platinum DJ




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Rachel Hamilton's Bridals

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Rachelle's Maternity Session  

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